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Family Conflict & Dispute Resolution

This is relating to family conflict and dispute resolution. I will be attending court hearings with the clients and it can be high risk, win, or loss. It relates to children and the formation of different families. Overall it should picture the private sphere of our lives and the professional approach expected of us when we are facing family court battles. There are also positives such as the reunification of children with estranged parents. A lot is done on paper in between returning to court before a judge with advocates.  I offer bespoke family law paralegal services to parents and ex-partners who no longer qualify for legal aid and are not able to afford solicitors and or barristers. I assist individuals from all walks of life with self-representing. this can be emotional support and assistance strategizing or understanding court directions and preaction protocols. I am able to draft documents with clients who are struggling with the process emotionally or practically. I am also able to assist with evaluating evidence and applications as well as provide assistance on how to work well with all agencies.

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